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Tablets Donated To Help Patients Communicate With Family During Coronavirus

Coronavirus is having a devastating effect on not only our meetings, but every single aspect of life. There isn't many people that have not been effected and none more so than the staff and patients of Ardgowan Hospice.

With 'stay at home' and social distancing advice, it means that in order to protect patients in the care of Ardgowan Hospice, they aren't allowed any visitors. This can obviously be a very distressing time for patients and family alike.

Today, RWM Graeme Wallace along with WSW Brian McClure and WJW Stewart McFadyen, delivered eight android tablets with waterproof covers to allow regular disinfecting and to help with infection control, to the Hospice.

This provides a tablet for every bed in the Hospice and will not only allow patients to communicate with their families, especially during this time of restricted access, but they will also be able to browse the web, read or use any other application available on the devices whilst they are receiving care.

In the picture along with the Master and Wardens are Ardgowan Hospice Director of Care Ian Marshall and Ellen Bradley, ICU Ward Manager.

We have committed to maintain this capability for the Hospice moving forward. Please note during the delivery and picture, Government social distancing requirements were adhered to.

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